SEP Group members and the collaborator Francisco Carrillo (Princeton)

Principal Investigator

Postdoctoral Researchers

PhD Students


Alon Nissan (Weizmann Institute)

MSc Students

  • Corinne Berens: ‘Catchment classification using insights gained from a frequency domain analysis’

External Collaborators

Former Members

  • Andres Velasquez (MSc): ‘Saturation impact on flow velocities and intermittency in porous media’
  • Mayumi Hamada (MSc): ‘Impact of water saturation on chemical reactions in porous media’
  • Edgar Hernandez (MSc): ‘X-ray imaging of xenon gas concentrations in aqueous environments’
  • Jiande Zhou (MSc): ‘Multiscale porosity microfluidics model’
  • Marta Botella (MSc): ‘Relative importance of carbon and ethoxylated groups on the fate and transport of synthetic surfactants in natural soils’