Principal Investigator

Postdoctoral Researchers

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PhD Students

Research Assistant

Dr. Liliana Petrenko

MSc Students

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Margherita Ferrarini (Visiting MSc student; Politecnico di Milano)

External Collaborators

Former Group Members

  • Andres Velasquez (MSc): ‘Saturation impact on flow velocities and intermittency in porous media’
  • Mayumi Hamada (MSc): ‘Impact of water saturation on chemical reactions in porous media’ – Culmann Prize for excellent Master’s thesis
  • Edgar Hernandez (MSc): ‘X-ray imaging of xenon gas concentrations in aqueous environments’
  • Jiande Zhou (MSc): ‘Multiscale porosity microfluidics model’
  • Marta Botella (MSc): ‘Relative importance of carbon and ethoxylated groups on the fate and transport of synthetic surfactants in natural soils’
  • Dr. Erfan Haghighi (Postdoc, now at Oxygen at Work AG)
  • Corinne Berens (MSc): ‘Modeling characteristic catchment times: Insights gained from a large-sample frequency domain analysis in the Conus’
  • Alon Nissan (PhD): ‘Reactive transport with fluid−solid interactions in dual-porosity media’ (Visiting PhD student; Weizmann Institute)
  • Julian Schoch (MSc): ‘Mimicking capillary fringe dynamics in a microfluidic chip’
  • Marta Llamas Dios (PhD): ‘Mixing endorheic catchments’ (Visiting PhD student; University of Malaga)
  • Lena Herzt (MSc): ‘The role of irrigation modernization and climate change for future groundwater recharge and nitrogen leaching’
  • Dr. Sandra Pool (Postdoc, now at the University of Melbourne)
  • Matthias Häfliger (MSc): ‘Assessing the impact of aquifer heterogeneity on the underground thermal energy storage’
  • Dorothee Kurz (PhD): ‘Biofilms in porous media: a pore-scale investigation of the interplay between biofilm development and local hydrodynamics’ (now at Oxyle)
  • Ishaan Markale (PhD): ‘Impact of phases saturation on effective reaction kinetics in porous media’ (now at FS Dynamics)
  • Pratchaya Pramoj: ‘Bacterial competition in porous media’
  • Lucas Soliva (MSc): ‘Aquifer recharge in Campo de Cartagena aquifer (Spain): isotopic signal and unsaturated flow’
  • Xueyi Zhang (PhD): ‘Mixing-driven reactions in multiphase flow’ (Visiting PhD student; Hohai University)
  • Aleksandar Loncar (PhD): ‘Bacterial chemotaxis in porous media’ (Visiting PhD student; University of Rennes)
  • Navid Ahmadi (Postdoc): ‘Modelling of biogeochemical reactions in porous media’ (Visiting postdoc; Darmstadt Technical University)