Eawag and in particular the Department Water Resources and Drinking Water (W+T) is actively participating in the PhD School Water Earth Systems (WES). The aim of the PhD school is to provide a stimulating research environment for students working on the water-related topics in various earth systems. For more information please contact .


If you are interested in doing a MSc Thesis in our group, please, check availability at:

Eawag  and  ETH Zurich

or just simply contact us, happy to define new topics!

Groundwater I (102-0455-01L)

This is an introductory lecture course on quantitative aspects of flow and transport in aquifers offered in the Bachelors program for Environmental Engineering at ETH Zurich. It covers basic aquifer properties, Darcy’s law, and the derivation of the flow equation. We then look at both its analytical solutions (e.g., pumping test interpretations) as well as numerical solutions (finite differences). Finally, we derive the general transport equation (Advection Dispersion Equation) covering basic processes like advection, dispersion, sorption, and decay.

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Groundwater II (102-0448-00L)

This is an advanced lecture course on flow and transport processes in the subsurface offered in the Master’s program for Environmental Engineering at ETH Zurich. The lecture gives an overview of numerical methods (finite differences, finite elements, particle-based methods) as well as a deeper insight into subsurface processes like reactive transport, multi-phase flow, geostatistics, density-depended flow, and heat transport. It includes practical exercises of groundwater modeling.

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Groundwater field course (as part of Experimental and Computer Laboratory II, 102-0528-00 P)

In this groundwater field course, we introduce and perform several field techniques to determine soil and aquifer properties. The course is offered as part of Environment and Computer Laboratory II in the Master’s program for Environmental Engineering at ETH Zurich. We will use the pumping, slug, flowmeter, tracer, and infiltration tests. The learning goals include the fieldwork protocols, field data interpretation, and assessment of the uncertainty related to the field measurements.

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